Riding The Rainbow

The Clintons are not like you and I. The law means nothing to them, they ride the rainbow of the privileged, encased in a prism of their own making, surrounded by the brilliant colors of their magnificence. They expect, and get, deference and acquiescence, obeisance and adulation. They do not break the law, they are the law. The election of Hillary Clinton will indeed usher in catastrophe, but it will be a lasting one, the destruction of the United States in its current form, not a prelude to a better democracy.

For every rainbow, I am told
Has at its end a pot of gold
The Clintons care nary a jot
For country, honor, just that pot
So deeply steeped in massive crime
They know they never will do time
They sell themselves for highest bid
Top secret documents are hid
On servers everyone can read
With Chinese millions for the deed
I’d rather have as president
Some stooge a ward heeler has sent
Than have the Clintons to decide
To take us on their rainbow ride

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