Life is a risk. Every time you cross the street or start your car you put yourself at risk. You learn to live with it, learn to ignore the little risks and avoid, if possible, the larger risks. This is why we don’t need some bureaucrat telling us not to do this or not to do that. The problem comes when we are told that Alar is harmful and then after the apple growers are bankrupt we find Alar is not harmful after all. This sort of thing goes on all the time, as junk science has replaced real science in our overly gullible society. The thing to do is ignore the junk scientists and live your life as best you can and you will be fine, because you know something the gullible and the junk scientists do not, which is that life is risky, and the trick lies in knowing where the risks are and avoiding them.



You take the risk

That your crab bisque

Will give you crabs or cancer

A tasty tart

Might make you fart

Don’t eat one that’s the answer

A plate of beans

Taste by all means

But never take the seconds

Who knows what lurks

What evil works

Death by disease still beckons

The lab rats die

No reason why

It must be in the water

And then they find

Oh never mind

You just misunderstood her

My teeth are fine

They really shine

I brush with fluoride daily

But if they rot

I’ll sue the lot

And see them in Old Bailey

Yes life’s a risk

And you may whisk

Along for years with nary

A sickly day

Till angels say

It’s time my boy don’t tarry


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