Royal Purple

Barack Obama believes he has been anointed to reign over the American people, and is contemptuous of democratic values and the Constitution of the United States. He will not easily give up power. He believes in his heart of hearts that he is to the purple born.


In ancient Tyre a mollusk gave

A dye the royals prized

A purple dye became the fave

Of those whose super sized

Ambitions bade them dress in style

In Royal Purple robes

With ermine hems and collars while

Large earrings graced their lobes

And so it is with man today

Politicos it seems

Who have but inane things to say

And yet have handsome dreams

Of purple robes and ermine cloaks

And chariots of gold

The better then to awe the folks

Who shiver in the cold

And so it is with our Hussein

The common man he loathes

He sees himself a Royal Reign

In Royal Purple clothes


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  1. file upload

    I think engineering just causes it to be worse. Now there’s a channel to never care, now there wouldn’t be considered a probability for them to find out.

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