Saddam Out, al Qaeda In

George Bush made mistakes, but taking out Saddam Hussein and attempting to build a solid military base of operations in the very center of gravity of the Middle East was not one of them. Barack Obama threw it all away and put our soldiers in Afghanistan, a landlocked country where they might not be able to get out. And now, as a result of Obama’s incompetence or treason, take your pick, Iraq is now aflame in another religious war, Sunni against Shiite, which will draw in Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia, and perhaps Israel and ultimately us. Obama likes to say he is leading from behind, but he left out a word. The word is ‘his’. He is leading from ‘his’ behind.

George Bush takes Saddam out
The O al Qaeda in
Benghazi is no doubt
The triumph of the spin
Mosul in Qaeda’s hands
Tikrit has followed suit
Captured by roving bands
Delighted with the loot
Sure Baghdad will be next
The Saudis cringe in fear
The White House is perplexed
For leading from the rear
Was policy that’s smart
Not like that stupid Bush
Who never heard of Sartre
And thought the Hindu Kush
Was just an old time dance
Invented way back when
From Italy or France
Around since nineteen ten
In luck we are indeed
To have as president
A man we truly need
The White House resident

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