There are self serving stories in the lapdog press that the Obama administration is changing its foreign policy course as a result of lessons learned from the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi. Are we to take this seriously? Are we to believe the Obama administration has taken the lesson of Benghazi to heart, drawn the proper conclusions, and are now prepared to draw up a serious foreign policy that serves the interests of the United States? Seriously? The only logical explanation for the administration’s actions after Benghazi is that the consulate was a CIA clandestine operation.


To say that they are serious

Is to seriously weary us

They have no interests but their own to serve

Giving guns to Muslim killers

Is to them just stocking fillers

So to say Benghazi caused them all to swerve

Is to say their stripes have changed and

All their goals are rearranged and

They are looking out for us from now on in

They still sing the same old song here

Nothing new just move along here

‘Cause the policy is what it’s always been