Silent Sound

Healthy young people will not enroll in ObamaCare nor will the middle class pay for the privilege of subsidizing those who cannot get health insurance, either by being sick and hurt or because they are on welfare. They know the current system allows those who are uninsured to get quality health care simply by going to the nearest hospital emergency room. They also know Obamacare is not about health care, but about power.

The uninsured, the hurt and sick
Will sign up, sure, and sign up quick
The healthy young will turn away
The middle class will just not pay
The union members will be sore
But they were warned what was in store
A hundred million uninsured
As companies clear off the board
All employees who in the past
Had insurance they thought would last
But those who think death spirals end
Had better think again, my friend
The Left will never let this go
Come squalls and earthquakes, rain or snow
The Left cares not for health care costs
They only care that who gets bossed
Obeys commands from Left elites
Who just shrug off the rare defeats
And press ahead despite the hurt
Of common folk ground in the dirt
They care not screams of rage abound
To them a scream is silent sound

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