Sim’lar To Himmler

In Paris, a Muslim man recently killed three French soldiers and a number of Jewish children outside their school, and the left wing press immediately reported he was a neo-Nazi. When it developed, upon his death by police gunfire, that he was a Muslim who had been to Afghanistan and Iraq, the left wing press immediately called for a cessation of speculation on his religious beliefs and associations. Can’t have people believing a member of the religion of peace could have done such a thing, now could we?



Why is it that the killings

Of the innocent get billings

In the press as just the work of Nazi thugs

While the real life perpetrators

Are Islamic world invaders

Whom the Left are wont to kiss and give big hugs

Yes it all seems quite so sim’lar

To the things once done by Himmler

That it’s easy to blame him for what was done

No, if Lefties had their druthers

They’d have Arabs as their brothers

And make everybody else the hateful Hun



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