Six Million More

Alan Dershowitz and Ed Koch are now publicly bemoaning their naiveté in voting for Obama, claiming they were duped by Obama’s promises to retain the US traditional alliance with Israel, a promise that now seems a bit disingenuous, to say the least. Israil is now imperiled as never before, and Obama seems cheerfully unconcerned; indeed, there are those who say he is cheerfully looking forward to the extinction of the only democratic county in the entire Middle East. The problem for Koch and Dershowitz is that they are virtually alone, with most American Jews caring not at all if Israel is turned to molten glass by Iranian nukes.


Six million more

Koch knows the score

With Dershowitz he counts it

A Judas Goat

They cast their vote

And sob as they renounce it

While other Jews

Who chose to choose

The Left who want extinction

Of that foul State

At soonest date

Reject there’s a distinction

Between the free

With liberty

For their Israeli brothers

And those who will

One fine day kill

All Jewish kids and mothers