Slime Dogs

A defeated Pennsylvania congressman, Paul Jankorski, who now calls for retribution against conservative talk radio and Sarah Palin for inciting the Tucson killer, himself called for the shooting of the Republican candidate for governor of Florida. When asked about it, Jankorski airily dismissed it, saying anyone who took his inflammatory words seriously was a nutcase. And so it goes. If you’re a liberal Democrat you can say and do whatever you want, however vicious, however untrue, but if you are a conservative Republican, every word you utter is an incitement to violence and must be curbed, by force if necessary.



You know them by the slime they leave

Behind them as they move

They state as fact the lie they know

They’ll never have to prove

Like Franks and Ostrogoths before

Where common language held

Once separated by their tongue

Could never be re-weld

So too the politics of hate

Has led to our divide

The common tongue has disappeared

And each must choose his side

The Left has reached the farthest low

The slime has reached its high

And to the point that we might say

“Tis best to say goodbye


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