Snake Eyes

Political writer Don Surber writes that Obama is the first communist president. He uses a lower case ‘c’, denoting a pacific form of communal governance as opposed to the upper case ‘C’ of Stalinist style communism. I believe Mr. Surber is too charitable. Obama and his entire administration, including CIA Director Brennan, were and are Stalinist Communists, though we have been brainwashed into believing that to say so is to betray the tinfoil hat. The Obama administration was full of red diaper babies who never took off the diapers and who wear them proudly to this day. Anyone remember the Cabinet member who said whenever she felt frustrated or depressed she reread Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book? Or Obama’s principal White House adviser who was born in Iran to American Communist Party parents? Or how the Obama administration was and still is behind the attempt to overthrow the legal government of the United States? And now our colleges and universities are handing out diplomas to tens of thousands of little Stalin grads. As my mom used to say, don’t get me started. They would all be in jail if we had an Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions likes the word ‘recuse’
It lets him sit eyes closed and muse
About the world and all its faults
And all the while there sits in vaults
The documents that surely prove
That if poor Jeff would only move
That Mueller’s part would be disclosed
And all his people be deposed
And Hillary would then stand trial
With treason charges yet to file
On Comey and the DOJ
And then in cuffs be hauled away
The game is not king versus king
It’s who has got the big brass ring
The carousel is slowing fast
And many die will soon be cast
The dice will show who did the crime
And come up snake eyes every time