In the aftermath of the death and capture of the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers, the American Left breathed a sigh of relief that they were not the Muslim enemy, even though they were practicing Muslims who had received terrorist training in Chechnya, but, in the words of CNN, “stereotypical white Americans.” The Left is wrong in many ways, not the least of it their contempt for all that is right about the United States. And as for stereotypical, the Left has no idea what a stereotypical White American is, and neither do the Muslims who are killing us, who think we will stand still forever in the face of their murderous fanaticism. Here, in brief, is the definition of a stereotypical White American.


I am, my brother

A stereotypical white man

Blond of hair and blue of eye

Whose ancestors bestrode the world

With savage cruelty and bloody sword

So that no man could stand against us

And those who tried were slain upon the fields

Where bloomed the poppies and the gorse

I am, my brother

A peaceful man who takes his ease

In the twilight of a working day

An easeful life until aroused

But once aroused, my brother

You will find the fury of the white man called again

And you shall disappear from this Earth

Amid the lamentations of your women

And the sobs of your fatherless children

I am, my brother

A stereotypical white man

Take note, and be afraid