Sunset Boulevard

There is an old movie called Sunset Boulevard, and while it had nothing to do with the current military, economic and political condition of the United States, the title is appropriate. The country is now on the street to decay, heading into the sunset of our country’s life span, and the street is named Sunset Boulevard. We are now a 1949 Nash, wheezing down sunset boulevard, headed for a doctor’s appointment, Barack Obama at the wheel, the dull red ball of the setting sun in our eyes. Squinting, I ask him why they call it Sunset Boulevard, and he replied

They call it Sunset Boulevard
‘Cause that’s where the country’s headed
The pedal’s floored, and floored down hard
The tires they are shredded
With our policemen off the street
The world has turned to others
But I will say and then repeat
The Muslims are our brothers
They mean no harm to you or me
They’re good and kind and gentle
My doc’s the man we’re off to see
He seems to think I’m mental
But that of course could not be right
I’ve never been more saner
And even in this fading light
I’m saner than John Boehner

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