Sweet Georgia Brown

Richard Fernandez at the Belmont Club writes that he believes the institutional Republican leadership in Washington is content to play the Washington Generals to the Democrat’s Harlem Globetrotters, as long as they continue to get the losers share of the pie. I think he might be on to something. We need a new national party, call it the Tea Party or something else, but we need to get back in the game with a party that has a reason for existing beyond taking handouts from the Democrats. Fernandez says Republicans walk past the graveyard every two years expecting to lose, and not even fighting very hard. If he’s right, they’re walking past that graveyard whistling the Globetrotters’ theme song and entrance music, Sweet Georgia Brown.

See them tombstones see them headstones
Sweet Georgia Brown
See the names there’s Washington
Who toppled the Crown
Over there, there’s Jefferson
And old John Paul Jones
No body to mourn
So sad and forlorn
See them tombstones and them headstones
Sweet Georgia Brown
Look at them they’re all neglected
Toppled and down
Don’t nobody care
Our country lies there?
See them headstones see them tombstones
Sweet Georgia Brown

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