Sweet, Sweet Nancy

Andrew Sullivan, editor of The Atlantic Monthly, former editor of The New Republic, gay activist, liberal, wrote that the United States was being run by a two man Jewish cabal, one of them being the noted conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer. A brief one or two day flurry erupted after Sullivan was answered by Leon Wieseltier, and then died peacefully. But the question remains, who is Andrew Sullivan, and why should anyone take seriously anything he says or writes or publishes?



Just who is Andrew Sullivan?

He asked with inattention

What has he done or hasn’t done

That rates him all this mention?

He has a blog, the other said

And heads up The Atlantic

He advertises for gay sex

And sometimes seems quite antic

Right now he claims two Jewish guys

Are running this here nation

That Wieseltier and Krauthammer

Are causing him frustration

Because he thinks progressive thoughts

Should be their daily diet

That right wing thought should never be

For Jewish guys to try it

I see, the first man said at last

If gay sex is his fancy

I’d say his mama named him wrong

She should have called him Nancy



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