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It’s Peaceful In The Barnyard

A recent report stated that the 21st century has so far been the most peaceful century in thousands of years, and many are claiming credit. The United Nations says their peacekeeping operations are responsible, NGOs and other peripheral agencies claim credit, and so on. Nobody seems to want to say what everybody knows, that it has been the United States that has kept the peace since the end of WW2. Funny how when all is quiet and peaceful every little pissant claims he’s responsible, while when the barnyard comes apart in storm and strife it’s always Uncle Sam’s fault.



It’s peaceful in the barnyard

Said the chicken to the sow

There’s naught to fear and this I hear

It’s duck who takes a bow

He says that it’s because of him

That peace is all around

And so what luck that we have duck

To thank for peace unbound

Well I dunno, the sow demurred

Some think it’s that big guy

Who tends the locks and shoos the fox

Who slips up on the sly

There’s lots of critters who would like

To make a lunch of us

But they’re afraid to make a raid

They dare not make a fuss

‘Cause that big guy has got a gun

I’ve heard it, it goes BAM!

So sows and geese, we all have peace

Because of Uncle Sam


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