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We’re Number 25!

Adam Smith said, “There’s a lot of ruin in a nation,” leading Richard Fernandez at

The Belmont Club to observe, “That fact (that it takes a lot to ruin a nation) may console those who are bent on imposing their vision of fairness on the United States; the idea that however badly they hurt it, the United States wouldn’t fall any lower than number 25 in the world, a middling place with nothing particular to be proud of except for the fact that it was no longer number one. That’s a virtue in the eyes of some, who will ask what is wrong with being another Argentina if that is the price to be paid for ridding the world of the United States?”



What if we’re then the Argentine

That’s something with which we’d be fine

If that’s the price to pay for getting rid

Of US evil, US force

Of knocking Yankee off his horse

And turning over all to good El Cid

What has the Yankee done for us

Add up the minus and the plus

And you will find it’s negative at best

We have our vision brave and bold

To turn the USA of old

Into something rather like the rest

We’ve got our man in DC town

A president of great renown

A man to give the world a brilliant show

Just take a look how he’s begun

To knock us down from number one

It’s always money first the thing to go

Then tax and spend the middle class

To grubbing roots and eating grass

‘Til we’ve gone past the Argies far below

The world will be a better place

When we the world no longer face

The rabid, fearsome menace that we know

Without them now to keep the peace

We need but produce more police

Without them buying products that we make

It will be tough to get along

No doubt but we are surely strong

Enough to live on bread instead of cake

In time we’ll see that as they fall

That so as they then so as all

And while destroying them was so much fun

We all went down as they declined

And now we’re simply stunned to find

That after falling they’re still number one