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The object of al Qaeda attacks is intimidation. They know the actual damage or number of deaths is incidental to the real purpose, which is to intimidate the enemy. The intimidation is working, so there is no reason to believe the Muslims will stop any time soon. Threaten to kill anyone who publishes a cartoon of Mohammed and pretty soon no one publishes a cartoon of Mohammed. Intimidation works when the intimidated knows the intimidator will carry out his threat. But sometimes intimidation fails. Alcohol is forbidden to the devout muslim, but sometimes a drink will make the faithful a tad belligerent.



I do not like thee or thy smell

I do not like thy faith as well

And this I know to thee I tell

You die today and rot in hell

I do not like the stinking Jew

I do not like him nor I you

To kill him is the thing to do

Till there are none or very few

The Christian is a parasite

He clings to land that’s ours by right

My friends and I come in the night

To catch him in the act of flight

The Hindu now we save for last

His death will rectify the past

We kill him and entire caste

We laugh to see him run so fast

I tell you this so you should know

That Allah is the way to go

All others we see as the foe

We strike in Allah’s name the blow

You infidel are past your time

Your weakness shows you’re past your prime

And now you pay for every crime

Your clock of death is now to chime

We’ll treat you like the dung you are

As slaves of the Islamic Dar

Yes you may run but not get far

Please put up gun I out of car


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Sheik, Rattle And Roll

The Washington Post tells how Khalid Sheik Mohammed broke under interrogation and spilled the beans, going so far as to conduct terrorist tutorials for CIA intelligence officers, describing Al Qaeda methods, personnel and plans, the information provided keeping the United States safe from terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. This sort of thing is unacceptable to the American Left, as represented by the elected leadership of the Democratic party, who are preparing a witch hunt and show trials for the CIA officers who dared to do their duty, screaming all the while of torture and desecration of the good name of the United States. Waterboarding is not torture; pulling out fingernails with pliers is torture. Sleep deprivation is not torture. Tying someone to the rack and pulling him apart is torture. Drilling into teeth is torture. Sawing off someone’s head, as was done to Daniel Pearl by the good Khalid Sheik Mohammed, is torture. What the radical Left is doing to our country is torture, and the question is, will we recover?       



The shaken head, the small moué

The frown that says don’t do it

To waterboard means we are they

And we will live to rue it

So spake the left, those gentle souls

Who shake with firm conviction

That he who with the devil bowls

Is living life as fiction

No matter that the goodly sheikh

Was harmed not by the ‘boarding

The torture road will only make

His words not worth recording

With wroth filled eyes they shake their fists

And scream with indignation

And set about compiling lists

Of those who serve the nation

With boundless rage the lefty crowd

Sets out to hurt the good guys

They plan to leave no one uncowed

It doesn’t matter who dies