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My Name Is Al

The Reverend Al Sharpton has a radio talk show in which he yells and scream at his black audience for not being revolutionary enough, for not demanding their rightful handouts from the oppressive white man. He likens the economic and cultural situation of the black underclass in America to a hungry man watching a white guy eat a seven course dinner while the hungry black man stares enviously through the restaurant window. 



My name is Al

And I’m your pal

The guy who loves and feeds you

Whites give you stuff

That ain’t enough

It’s guys like me who needs you

Without you guys

I cannot prise

A dime from all them whiteys

We Left don’t pay

Our tax no way

We gets it from them Righties

But even so

You got to know

Just how high up our max is

A full course meal

Ain’t no big deal

To guys who pay their taxes

So stick with me

And we shall see

Just who comes out the winner

We’ll take all day

What comes our way

Good wine, a full course dinner