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Saving Their Arses

Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL), famous for his bitter opposition in Congress to private military contractors, was rescued from a life-threatening situation in Niger by guys from Xe Services, formerly Blackwater, and when asked if the experience had changed his views on private military contractors, he said it had not. A similar lack of gratitude occurred when a British pacifist named Norman Kember was kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq in 2006, and had to be rescued by the British SAS, the Special Air Service. Kember not only refused to thank his rescuers, but the pacifist organization to which he belonged refused to give the SAS any information on his whereabouts. Alan Grayson and Norman Kember were and are distinguished by being culturally elitist lefty ideologues, and thus exempt from common courtesies, remaining surly and distinctly ungrateful for being rescued from certain death by people of whom they disapprove. I believe that next time there should be no next time.



If Saul of Tarsus had saved their arses

Would that acceptable be

Or would they squirm and remain firm

To ideology

If Robin Hood before them stood

And nocked his stout longbow

Would they then cry I’d sooner die

Than brutish force to show

Methinks that when such as these men

With arrogance unbound

Believe when they fall in harm’s way

That they must then be found

By folks with whom they have no room

To pass the time of day

It’s time say I to let them die

And leave them where they lay