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If This Be Treason

I am becoming uneasy about our Commander-In-Chief. On January 20, 2007, Iranian trained terrorists, dressed in American uniforms, ambushed and killed five American soldiers and captured four. When rescuers closed in the American captives were murdered before the terrorists were captured. Among the captured Muslim terrorists were Ali Mussa Daqduq, Quais Qazali and his brother Laith Qazali, the leaders, the planners and the murderers of American soldiers. President Barack Hussein Obama has just released them, ostensibly for the return of some British hostages, even though the British government refused to submit to hostage blackmail. Have we come to the point where we must question the wisdom, or even unthinkably, the patriotism, of our president? He has sided with the mullahs against the protesters for democracy in Iran. He has slashed defense spending while giving billions to the United Auto Workers union. He has nationalized the automobile industry and much of the banking industry, and is trying mightily to destroy the best health care system the world has ever seen. But it is the freeing of Iranian trained terrorists, ambush killers of American soldiers, murderers of captured American soldiers, that causes me to wonder. What is he up to? Why did he do such a thing? Whose side is he on? Or shouldn’t we wonder?



This sort of thing’s right up his alley

Freeing killers like Qazali

Siding with the killers of our guys

Selling out the brave protesters

Smiling while the murder festers

Acting like a Muslim in disguise

I’m not sure, I have no reason

Thinking that it’s surely treason

Possibly there’s something up his sleeve

Something grand beyond imagine

Some grand prize he’ll soon be cadgin’

Fooling those poor mullahs who believe

That he’s with them and against us

That he’s shackled and he’s fenced us

Into places where we can’t get out

And then when they try something bigger

Obama smiles and pulls the trigger

And all comes down with one enormous shout

The nukes are gone and so are Quds

The bad guys out and in the goods

The rotten Middle East in smithereens

Oh wouldn’t it be nice to think

That when it comes it’s they who blink

Excuse me while I wake up from my dreams

For I am bound to say out loud

That O and all his lefty crowd

Have taken our fair country round the bend

They’ve taken up the Muslim course

Who call our death without remorse

And who can tell just where it all will end