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Connecting The Dots

A madman named Anders Behring Breivik has just killed over a hundred people in Norway, land of my ancestors. But that land is a very long way from the land of the Viking kings. Norway is now a leftist utopia, and some people, like Anders, don’t like it, don’t like the direction Europe has taken down that old socialist road, a road that promises to make Europe into a Muslim colony. Neo-Nazis are gaining strength, people, like Anders, are determined to preserve the graves of their ancestors. Connect the dots. Socialism is destroying Europe, Muslim immigration is destroying Europe, and Crusader societies are rising in strength. This is just the beginning. There will be more. Anders assaulted the ruling left, whom he blames for the problems of Europe. Others will attack the Muslims, and the Muslims will respond. Connect the dots. This is just the beginning. The spider is spinning her web and the dots are connecting.



She sits and she waits

With her unblinking eyes

She is patient, and knows very well

That something will blunder

And say its goodbyes

Trapped for good in the maid spider’s spell

Yes the road’s filled with promise

With smiles all around

The Left strides ahead with its schemes

But far in the distance

The merest faint sound

Signals end to the fine Leftist dreams

The men of faith rise

From the holdings and shires

Crusaders, true men of the land

Who fight for the graves

Of their kin and their sires

And others soon join in their stand

The road that once taken

That leads to the Left

Leads only to misery and death

‘Tis better to fight

Than find family bereft

And down to their last final breath

Yes the spider she waits

For she knows that in time

Her web will connect many dots

And the ending will see

A fair Europe that’s free

Of the Muslims and foul Lefty plots


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