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A Day In The Middle East

The Arab strategy is to make themselves so annoying that people will just give them what they want. This works only so far. At some point the elephant stomps on the ants biting his ankles. At the moment the muslims appear to be winning, Obama has just sided with the Palestinians by demanding that Israel commit suicide, but that won’t last. Ultimately, Iran will get the bomb, something will explode somewhere, and that will be the end of the Arabs for another thousand years. They aspire to return to the glories of the seventh century, and they will do so, though perhaps not so gloriously as they had hoped.



The dawning paints the night sky pink

With rose and amber hue

The red sun rising o’er the hills

Brings Israel in view

The dusty plain, the watered fields

The cities washed with light

The Arabs watching ‘cross the fence

Claim it is theirs by right

The rising sun climbs in the sky

As centrifuges spin

The Arabs talk in whispers ‘bout

The day they’ll loose the djinn

As sunset draws the curtain low

Obama chooses sides

And as the sky turns dusk from blue

The man on pale horse rides

The sun is down, the day has fled

And darkness rules the land

As man-made intermittent suns

Make glass from Arab sand


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