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The Worm Oroborous

The Associated Press has announced that it will be outsourcing content to leftist non-profit groups, including the George Soros backed Center for Public Integrity. The question is, will any readers recognize the difference between the new left-wing scribblings and the leftist stuff the Associated Press has been distributing under the guise of news for many years. 



The AP knows that guys like Soros

Are like the worm of Oroborous

Who swallow their own tails to circle fate

Who live for strife and confrontation

Whose only thrill and stimulation

Is seeing that their enemies deflate

The worm now sees that time is fleeting

That crises meant to keep hearts beating

Are running out of time and out of space

As mobs of grannies storm the barriers

Of Obie’s red flagged banner carriers

All shouting No! in Barbara Boxer’s face

And so the AP in extremis

Turns to Soros and their scheme is

Not to give us news that’s straight and true

But to show their liberal nation

They will keep us in our station

But what they surely know is they are through