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Attila The Hun

A Hungarian economist, Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, has declared the Euro dead, and its death may very well lead to the break-up of the European Union and world-wide financial collapse. And what will happen next? Will Europe be visited by another Hun named Attila? Will war and famine return? Or will the Europeans try to stick Uncle Sam with the tab? Stay tuned.



Attila was not such a bad guy at heart

He’s gotten a bad press, I know

And yes he tore all northern Italy apart

But stopped when he got to the Po

And thus will the current black crisis evolve

The Huns will just run out of steam

The Greek credit woes are not hard to resolve

Just run ‘round in circles and scream

Just lay down and sob and cry help me I’m dead

For panic will cure the world’s ills

And when it’s all over just raise up your head

And stick Uncle Sam with the bills


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