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Farting Camels

The Australian government is preparing to kill tens of thousands of camels in order to save the Earth from global warming, claiming that camel farts are harming the environment. What hath Al Gore wrought? How much more absurd can the envirowhackos go in perpetuating this global warming nonsense that everyone else knows is a scam and a fraud? Think about it. If the environmental whackos are killing camels because they fart, what about cows? And if it comes to that, how much methane is being put into the air every day by 6 billion plus people?



So instead of goring oxen

It is camels being Gored

As the carbon Nazis try to save the Earth

From the flatulence of camels

Who just fart because they’re bored

And who’ve farted since the moment of their birth

But if shooting all the farters

Is the plan to cleanse the air

Then they’ve got to line us all against the wall

For we’ve all been known to loose one

So we really must be fair

If they’re gonna kill the farters, kill us all


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