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Slit My Wrists

The evening news is very depressing. A super secret drone goes down in Iran and the president of the United States won’t allow the military to destroy it before the Iranians get to it and share its secrets with our enemies. The Pakis have closed the supply line to Afghanistan and say they’ll shoot down our planes and drones if we attack anyone inside Pakistan, the State Department won’t cut off aid to Pakistan despite them declaring us an enemy, and Chinese hackers steal our military secrets and we do nothing about it. If I had a box cutter I’d slit my wrists.



Events are such to make me weep

When I think what that little creep

Who sits now in that White House in DC

Has done to us and to our kids

He’s put the country on the skids

And begs for our lost drone on bended knee

From drones he won’t let be destroyed

To sending troops to be deployed

In Afghan mountains with no supply line

He says he’ll do as he will choose

His fleet of JU-52s

Will keep them well equipped and they’ll be fine

The Pakis say they’ll down our planes

And burn our tanker supply trains

And shoot our guys to bring on Allah’s ends

The State Department doesn’t care

They say to doubt them is unfair

We need to give them money ‘cause they’re friends

Hackers strike and Obie blinks

We know the hacking’s done by Chinks

They steal stuff and don’t care if we know how

They know that stealing has no risk

They smile when Obie whispers tsk

And laugh from Yinchuan to far Guangzhou

The tide is running ‘gainst us strong

It can’t go on, no not for long

It’s time we got some spine and balled our fists

Some more bad stuff like this today

And I can only hope and pray

That I won’t just go out and slit my wrists


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