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We live in parlous times, a time of war, of the clash of civilizations. Militant Islam swept the known world from the gates of Hercules to the Hindu Kush, conquering the Christian cities of North Africa and subduing the Hindoos of northern India, establishing a Caliphate at Baghdad. The first check came in the 8th century, when a Muslim army conquered Spain, or Andalusia, and advanced into France where they were met at Poitiers and defeated by Charles Martel, Charles the Hammer. There followed centuries of warfare, with the Muslims finally being subdued at the gates of Vienna and at the battle of Lepanto, science, technology and the Western way of war gaining the upper hand. But the Muslims have never given up the dream, the command, to conquer the Infidel. Western weakness and self-loathing has given them the chance to renew their dream, and we shall shortly have need once again for the Crusader knight.



The vultures circle overhead

They wait, the man is not yet dead

The banner’d cross is seen to rest

Upon the silent figure’s chest

He stirs, he tries but cannot speak

He knows he must, but is too weak

A groan, a rising to a knee

Another groan his sword is free

A stumbled step towards grinning foe

A parried thrust, the sword held low

No shield, no helm he stood his ground

And glared the glinting saber down

He died that day for you and me

He died for us, so we’d be free

To live our lives in our own way

To live our dreams and have our say

And now the foe has come again

But do we now remember when

Brave men went out to fight and die

For God and country, hearth and sky

Or shall we meekly all submit

To Allah’s shamed unholy writ

Hell no! I hear some voices cry

So very few, just you and I

But more will come, then many fold

Will rise, and when the story’s told

The Mussulmen who ‘leashed this war

Will find what free men have in store

For those who think our courage gone

 And make of us their dhimmi pawn

The Arab thinks he is the one

His god the essence of the sun

He thinks that Allah gives him might

He thinks the kafir will not fight

But he should know we have the will

Crusader blood flows in us still

The day will come we’ve had enough

Then we will call old Allah’s bluff

And turn to glass their precious sand

In hopes they’ll finally understand

We want not war, we wish for peace

We wish only the killing cease

But if they push us to the wall

We’ll still for good the muzzein call

The vultures circle overhead

In vain, the West is not yet dead