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On the very day the Democrats in the House pushed through the most destructive bill to ever see the light of day, on the very day the odious Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced grandly and with a beatific smile that We Are Doing This For The American People!, when we all know they are doing it for power, the power to tell us all what to do and when to do it, the power all leftists live for and die for, yes, on the very day 235 years of history and culture were tossed in the dumpster and the country started on the path to a Marxist socialistic country, the Belmont Club had a discussion about bats. You know, those furry things that fly at night and turn into vampires. Sort of like Democrats now that I think of it, and who better to lead them in their nightly forays but Botox Nancy.    



I don’t love those bats, but I have no hard feelings

They’re just some weird rats that hang down from the ceilings

And when they get sleepy they clump nice and cozy

To me they’re just creepy, like Bela Lugosi

But I like them more than those Dems and their hell care

We’ll even the score, we care not for their welfare

They think that we’ll take it and thank them forever

They think they can fake it but they’re not that clever

We’ll wait till they’re sleepy and clump nice and cozy

And wood stake that creepy vampire Pelosi