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The Death Of Faith vs The Faith Of Death

Pope Benedict XVI has invited the Anglican clergy who forcefully disagree with the Anglican church’s position on homosexuality and women priests to come into the Roman Catholic fold. It is feared by some that if the disaffected Anglican priests accept the offer it will be the end of the Anglican church. But such an acceptance would not signal the end of the Anglican church, that end has been in evidence for years, as the empty pews throughout the British Anglican communion and the American Episcopalian communion attest. It is not the life or death of the Anglican church that is at stake, it is the entirety of Western Christianity that is in mortal danger, from the outside by the forces of militant Islam, and from the inside by the insidious forces of the secular religion of one-worldism and its father/birthmother socialism/communism. For many years American schoolchildren have been submerged in left-wing political correctness, told there is no such thing as right and wrong, and that western civilization is an unmitigated evil thrust upon the poor and oppressed peoples of the rest of the world. Couple this PC destruction from within by the Left and the challenge from without by radical Islam, and the West, and Christianity in all its many forms, is unlikely to survive unless united under the banner of Faith.



The lost are grace

The doors swing wide

The Pope’s embrace

Please come inside

The time has fled

The hour nigh

The darkened tread

Lend death a sigh

Unite we must

Or die alone

We place our trust

In God’s true throne

The cross of God

To show the way

The sacred sod

Of Western clay

Shall not be borne

By any foe

They shall not scorn

Our culture so

The Cruses live

They have not left

Their ghosts will give

Our arms the heft

To drive the foe

From battle field

To tell him No

We will not yield

To Muslim sword

Or PC scorn

To march us toward

The life unborn

We shall prevail

Through darkest days

Through deep travail

And fearsome ways

We shall not die

Our faith will live

If you and I

Our lives will give