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The Yin And The Yang

In the West in particular there are two ways of looking at man’s place in the big picture. The first way, the yin, is the big government way, where government takes care of every citizen from cradle to grave. This way leads to stunted development and ultimate societal death. The second way, the yang, is through market capitalism, where one may succeed or fail, depending on luck, will and talent. The yang is anathema to the big government types, for it places the individual beyond the reach of the bureaucrats. You can either have big government or you can have freedom. You can’t have both.



There is the yin

There is the yang

The grievous sin

The bloody fang

Of market forces

In full sway

Producing courses

That well may

Lead on to those

Who’re left behind

Where daily goes

The deadly grind

How better then

The second way

Where all good men

Receive their pay

From jobs that seek

No harm to Earth

Protect the weak

From day of birth

There is the yang

There is the yin

Choose bloody fang

Or without sin


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