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Blond Man’s Buff

The Arab and Iranian jihadists believe we are too weak to resist the infallible will of Allah, and we will soon be conquered by an irresistible Islam, to live our lives as slaves in what was once our own countries. They mistake our reluctance to kill them en masse as weakness, instead of a memory of the horrors of the European 20th century. They do not understand that the blond men of the North have B-52s, affectionately known by their crews as Buffs, an acronym for a series of words that cannot be printed in a family blog, but it begins Big Ugly Fat F…s. But there will come a time when enough is enough, and the B-52s will fly.



They kill our guys with IEDs

They violate our embassies

Their proxies kill and maim us right on cue

They scream the bomb will kill the Jews

And kill us too if we should choose

To look askance at anything they do

They hate us as the infidel

And follow what their mullahs tell

That Christians and the Jews must all be killed

There comes a time when ‘nough’s enough

And overhead’s a big, fat Buff

And when it starts that thunder can’t be stilled

They think we’re weak and in a sense

We are, but in the present tense

And soon we’ll have some iron in the White House

And then we’ll see just who’s afraid

When we pick up a can of Raid

And the whole damned religion we delouse


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