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Dumb And Dumber

Bill Maher, a self-described comedian, says America is a stupid country, full of stupid people who are too dumb to know what’s good for them, meaning, of course, that we are too dumb to appreciate the genius of Barack Obama, not to mention the genius of Bill Maher and his fellow lefties. In the Huffington Post, Maher writes, “Just because a country elects a smart president doesn’t mean it’s a smart country.” The leftist, as always, thinks he is smarter than those who are not leftists. The Democrats always characterize Republican presidents, like Eisenhower, Reagan and Bush, as stupid, so having a lefty like Maher call you dumb puts you in good company.  



The wit and wisdom of Bill Maher

Is simply quite delicious

I do believe he is a star

Though clearly meretricious

I mean that in its nicest form

He’s lost in his pretensions

Believing he is but the norm

Of intellect’s dimensions

He thinks we’re dumb and more or less

Too stupid to be trusted

To vote for now just let me guess

The guys who just now busted

The bank and socialized the cars

And now will do to health care

What LBJ by lowering bars

Forever did to welfare

I could go on about Bill Maher

With words right on the money

But even looked at from afar

Was he ever really funny?