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Summer In The Middle East

It’s amazing how Spring invariably turns into Summer, and the Summer to Fall, and then to Winter. Which is where the Arab Spring is now. Late Summer, and very soon Winter. The revolutions are turning into what everyone with any sense of the Middle East expected, with the radical Islamists gradually assuming power. Obama started the Libya war in the expectation that toppling another Arab dictator nominally favorable to the United States, as was Mubarak in Egypt, would lead to another radical America hating Muslim takeover of a once friendly country, something he evidently much desires. In the meantime, the nation building in Iraq and Afghanistan seems to be at a standstill, with Iran waiting patiently until we leave. Ah well, Pakistan is still on our side. Or are they?



The Arab Spring

Has turned to Summer

And NATO sighs

God what a bummer

The mullahs grin

And send in rockets

While Karzai’s hands

Rifle our pockets

Oiled Paki smiles

Conceal the knife

And Hillary smiles

And says that’s life


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