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The Ghosts At Number 10

The French and Germans thought they had a deal to save the euro and the Eurozone from imminent collapse, a scheme that would have punished Britain. But somehow, from somewhere, Prime Minister Cameron refused to knuckle under to EU pressure. The British veto scuttled the scheme, and the French and Germans are left with, as the British say, a sticky wicket. But where did Cameron find the backbone to stand up for his country, something a British Prime Minister hasn’t done in quite some time. One wonders if ghosts wander Number 10 Downing Street, and perhaps paid Cameron a visit.



It’s late at night, and Cameron

Knows not quite what to do

The office is in darkness, quiet reigns

When there appears a wraith, but who

The figure seems at once

To be of someone wracked with ancient pains

Palmerston? Disraeli? Baldwin?

Grenville, Peel or Pitt?

The figure slowly shuffled ‘cross the floor

As Cameron sat spellbound

The dim figure slowly smiled

And said it was a pleasure sir and more

To meet one in this Office who

Had cast iron for a spine

Who thought of country first, and not his chance

Of winning re-election

Or of what others might think

Who determined what is right and took his stance

Who are you sir, the PM said

His voice quite soft and low

The figure straightened up and shook his head

I’m all of us, I’m Churchill

Gladstone, Walpole, North and George

We’re all still quite alive, though some think dead

We watch over this blessed land

Where freedom and the law

Is what we had to all the world to give

And now you’ve done quite right my boy

The Germans and the Frogs

Shall never conquer England while we live


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