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The Shifting Whispering Sands

President Obama, caving in to the radical Greens, has poked Canada in the eye and refused to permit the building of the oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, creating thousands of jobs and decreasing our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Canada will now sell that oil to China. President Obama and the environmentalist movement are determined to reduce the United States to desert, and that desert will not consist solely of Canadian tar sands. The sands of time are running out on those of us who want to maintain the country in its historic form. It was said of the Romans that they created a desert and called it peace. President Obama and the radical Greens intend to create a desert and call it paradise.



Where once the farm and factory stood

Where once flowed stream beside the wood

Where once the cattle quiet grazed

Where once the young in sunshine lazed

Where once the farmer tilled the field

Where once the hawk and eagle wheeled

Will soon become both sere and mean

In thrall to Satan’s Lefty Green

Who want to see our lush green lands

Turned into shifting whispering sands


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