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Robber Barons

The United States has always been a robber baron country, but the difference is the earlier robber barons actually built things, leaving behind them railroads and steel mills and shipping lines, where the current robber barons, like Corzine and Goldman Sachs and the rest of the banksters, deal not in railroads and tangible wealth, but in pieces of paper, leaving nothing behind them but poverty and despair.



The age of the Moguls is gone

When men of Olympian mien

Built railroads and steamships and mills

Leaving wealth when they quitted the scene

Stanford left railroads and schools

The nation on wheels built by Ford

Carnegie built Pittsburgh on steel

And now it’s all gone by the board

The Corzines and banksters now play

With monopoly money not theirs

Derivatives, junk bonds are now

Just games ‘tween the bulls and the bears

The country and world are in peril

The bond between ruler and ruled

Is broken and cannot be fixed

For many long years we’ve been fooled

The dream of big government has failed

With only disaster ahead

The financial system has crashed

And soon will come dark days of dread

The darkness will last many years

‘Til systems are fully wrung dry

Then Moguls will once more appear

“Let’s build it!” their rallying cry

Today is not end of the line

No asteroid striking the Earth

One day we’ll again lead the way

In charge will be good men of worth


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