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The Rescuers And The Rescued

The eyes of the world were on the 33 trapped Chilean miners, while little attention was paid to the rescuers who gathered from all over the world, but especially from the United States, to rescue them. And I suppose that is how it always is. The rescued miners will get their book deals, their appearances on Oprah, their interviews with the world’s press, and deservedly so. They endured quite an ordeal. But one day there will be a book about the rescuers, telling their story. And what a story it is. Quietly, in the shadows, the United States provided the drilling equipment, the drilling crews, the engineering design for the rescue capsule, and the hot food that was lowered into the mine that kept them alive.  



All focus on the rescued

So little on the saviors

The drama in the helpless

All eyes on their behaviors

Resigned, despaired or prayerful?

Belligerent, pugnacious?

When rescued are they grateful

Or are they less than gracious?

The brave mine men of Chile

Two months and more lie passive

Undaunted though they’re buried

Inside a fissured massif

Outside the world came running

Men rushed to help the victims

Help those in need of rescue

Is one of mankind’s dictums

And so they’re reunited

With wives who wept to see them

Thanks to the men in shadows

Who worked so hard to free them