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The South China Sea

The Chinese are busily building a blue water navy, their prize a refurbished old Soviet ski jump carrier, all to contest mastery of the South China Sea with the United States Navy. But it cannot be said often enough that a navy is not a collection of ships, a navy is tradition. If the Chinese navy sails to contest control of the Western Pacific it will very quickly be sent to the Chinese equivalent of Davey Jones’s locker.



The President, as we well note

Is not inclined to ponder

Those things that he knows not by rote

They cause his thoughts to wander

Yet things still happen even though

The prez is inattentive

As our decline goes fast from slow

And now seems non-preventive

But things will change November next

As adults get elected

And childish teleprompter text

Is gone as is expected

And then with adults back in charge

If China sails we’ll spot ‘em

And Chinese warships small and large

Will soon be on the bottom


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