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Our Best And Brightest

Politicians strive mightily to give the impression of warmth, intellect, decisiveness, or just plain man of the people, all as the moment requires, presenting themselves to the public as something they typically are not. In the spirit of bringing truth to advertising, Verse-afire brings you snap-shot bio-pics of some of our leading men and women.



Bill Clinton, a man oleaginous

Once known for political dodginess

Thinks despite his white hair

That the ladies still care

He thinks he’s in a zone erogenous


The Chief of Staff man name of Rahm

Tells the country you gotta stay calm

We this crisis can’t waste

So we’re spending in haste

Hoping some of it sticks to a palm


Pelosi exchanges high fives

As she brings out the socialist knives

She wants health care for all

But the people still stall

They don’t want Nancy running their lives


Harry Reid used to be a club fighter

In the day when he was a bit lighter

But the blows to the head

Made him Senator instead

Where he thinks he’s been given a miter


Chuck Schumer’s a synonym for oily

Will smile and then say something coyly

That he thinks hides the shivs

As the sneak blow he gives

So all tend to despise the man royally


Of course it would surely be odd

If we left out one Christopher Dodd

Sweetheart mortgage went through

No not one, count ‘em, two

But it’s okay, he thinks he is God