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Who Ya Callin’ Twash?

The recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC has ignited a firestorm of protest, not least by the President of the United States, who demanded of Congress that they pass a law overriding the decision, which they cannot do since the decision was a constitutional one. The decision opens American political campaigns to money from corporations and unions previously excluded by campaign finance reform laws such as McCain-Feingold, something the Democrats think is to their disadvantage because their union lapdogs are already deeply engaged in Democrat campaigns despite the restrictions, and this, in their view, now allows corporations to do legally what the unions have always been doing. But apart from the usual Dem/Republican take on the decision, are other interested parties now free to engage in political activity?  



An advocacy group just licked its chops

Distributing a memo

That said let’s see where this thing stops

We gotta have a demo 

Let’s find a special ‘lection wheres

We’ll spend lots of our cash

And see if anybody cares

Then folks will notice TWASH

The Rights of All Subsets of Hares

Us rabbits live here too

Now Harvey here just hates the stares

And Bugs is feeling blue

He’s subject to such vile hate speech

It’s got to stop, dagnabbit

We’ll put on ads that forcefully preach

He’s not a wascally wabbit

A show of foots and all concurred

A cry, Now let’s hop to it!

But then a tiny voice was heard

That very neatly blew it

Our acronym’s all wrong, he said

I don’t mind spending cash

But the W should be R instead

And that means we are TRASH!

They slunk away no backward glance

Turned out the lights and parted

In sorrow lost their only chance

To see what Court had started