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Red Mother Syndrome

Barak Hussein Obama was born to a Communist mother and Communist father, raised a Muslim with a Muslim Communist mentor, and equipped from birth with a titanic ego. In RMS Titanic, the RMS meant Royal Mail Steamer; today RMS means Red Mother Syndrome, the syndrome that fuels Obama’s titanic ego. And like its namesake, that ego is heading straight for the iceberg, and is taking the country and us passengers with it.



A calm still night, the sea flat black

The Captain says we’ll not turn back

My course is set, my will is firm

I will yet see my foemen squirm

There’s ice in view, a soft voice said

It looks to be just dead ahead

Remain on course! The captain screams

No ice can take me from my dreams

The world is at my fingertips

What do I care for radar blips

The Middle East is going well

Iran will soon have nukes to sell

And that will see Israel gone

And usher in a Muslim dawn

The Pakis are our friends for life

So long as we deflect the knife

And debt? What debt that we might have

Will fade as I apply my salve

On the dark bridge a nervous voice

Said Captain, we still have a choice

A starboard turn and we shall miss

Yon iceberg showing the abyss

Full speed ahead! The Captain yells

And grabs the wheel and rings the bells

The great ship lurches to the thrust

The Captain screams, It’s Marx or bust!

With rending crash the Ship of State

Plows into its intended fate

Red Mother Syndrome forms the son

Whose mother whispers low, Well done!


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