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In Mexico, not so long ago, an elderly  farmer, Don Alejo Garza, was ordered off his farm by a drug gang. Garza refused, ordered his farmhands to leave, and stayed, armed and ready. When the drug gang came for him in the dead of night, in overwhelming numbers, Garza fought them, killing four and wounding two before he was killed. When the Mexican marines finally arrived they found Garza dead in the middle of a pile of dead gangsters. People sometimes ask why a man would rather die than give up his land, his home. To the people who fight back, the answer is simple. To submit is to give the decision of whether you will live or die to others. Men like Garza prefer to make that decision for themselves.



It matters not that you are strong

It matters not that I may live

For life is given for not long

And mine is mine alone to give

I will not grovel at your feet

I will not beg my life you spare

I live so long as my heartbeat

Proclaims I stand with my chest bare

And face you down as well I might

Not let you do as you may please

I may not see the dawn this night

But standing die, not on my knees