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The Crocodile’s Smile

The Middle East has been likened to a crocodile, and the muslim Arab rulers of Middle East to smiling crocodiles, ready to pounce on those who feed them at the moment their keepers show the least sign of weakness. That is where we now are. The West in general and the United States in particular, under President Obama, have exhibited a degree of weakness that fairly begs for being eaten. But crocodiles are known to miscalculate and wind up becoming a pair of shoes.



The crocodile, as some would say

Is gentle in a toothsome way

He lies about soaking the sun

And smiles, full knowing life is fun

Great fun for crocs, but not for those

Who dip in water with their toes

And nervous watch him all the while

Quite leery of the croc’s big smile

The croc of course he knows what’s up

He knows the time for him to sup

Will come for toes in water make

A tasty treat for him to take

A peaceful crocodile won’t last

A moment then the die is cast

Without a sound he’ll gently slide

Into the water like the tide

Unnoticed by the dipping toes

Who blinded by the peaceful pose

Is not prepared for the attack

And so he makes the croc a snack

Yes crocodiles are gentle souls

But always well to know their goals

And knowing summon up the will

To smile as you prepare to kill


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