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A Cumulative Effect

Though they make up 48% of the population, no Latino has ever been elected to the Port Chester, NY Board of Trustees, so the Justice Department has ordered the town to level the playing field to allow Latinos to be elected. It mattered not to the Justice Department that a considerable fraction of the Latino population was illegal. No, the Constitution carries no weight with the US Justice Department when ethnic activists demand it act in their behalf. The answer to the non-electability of Latinos is to give everyone six votes, which they can distribute in any manner they wish, all six to one candidate, or one-sixth vote each to six candidates, or any combination in between. It is called cumulative voting, and the only thing cumulative about it is the damage things like this are doing to the country. But to those who believe we must be fair above all, fairness means giving the vote to illegal aliens and devising a voting system that benefits one group over another.



So now we have a voting plan

For the Hispanic legions

But no one seems to care at all

For all us blond Norwegians

It seems to me what favors one

At the expense of others

Is not what we are all about

Are we not all just brothers?

Norwegians gave this land its birth

From Washingson to Bushson

But now we seem to intend to

Give some an unfair cushion

What next, does Pujols get four strikes

Are Latin popups powered

By legal means to go as far

As blasts by Ryan Howard?

With voting rights bestowed to all

From citizens to walk-ins

The country soon will look just like

The peaceful, happy Balkans