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Swat Team

The Defense Department is working on insects implanted with sensors to infiltrate and report on people the Department feels are a threat to the United States. The computerized insects, called cyborgs, can get into places no human could get into, and could be reporting back to the Department while in plain sight of the targets. But what if the targets are wise to the spying flies, or flying spies? Who do you call in if you suspect that fly on the wall is a cyborg? The Swat Team.



There was an old woman who swallowed a fly

She swallowed a fly, they don’t know why

She swallowed the fly ‘cause she’s a spy

And working for old Johnny Reb

They caught her and brought forth to lay down beside her

A counter-intelligence cyborgean spider

Who snickered and laughed as she crawled down inside her

The fly would soon be in her web

Much to their surprise the smart spider then failed

To capture the fly for the woman exhaled

And the fly fled the scene and his friends he regaled

With the story of how he escaped

There’s no happy end to this story of ours

For the Swat team was there within minutes not hours

The fly’s body returned to the government powers

To be buried in casket flag draped