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The Muslims of Iran declared war on the US in 1979, not that we ever accepted it. We laughed it off. Crazy Iranians, we smiled. But the crazy Iranians are very close to having the bomb, and when they get it they will usher in the 12th Imam who will deliver the world to the Muslims, making everyone else slaves. And still we smile and say crazy Iranians. But one day Tel Aviv will be smoldering ruins, unless the Israelis act first and turn Teheran into smoldering ruins. Either way we are in for a long war, a war to the death, a war that has been going on for 1400 years, with a time out after Lepanto because the Muslims saw the West was too powerful to defeat. But now they sense we are weak, and they are taking their shot. But there was never really a time out. Winston Churchill wrote about his adventures as a young lieutenant at Omdurman, in battle against the Muslim army of the Mahdi, and how they had to kill them because they would not surrender. And that is what it will come to. Either we will eventually kill them all or they will kill all of us.



At Omdurman the Lancers killed

The army of the Mahdi

Whose amulets could not protect

From bullets through the body

The Dervishes thought that their God

Would help defeat the British

But when it went from push to shove

Then Allah was quite skittish

But that was many years ago

And still the Mahdis thunder

That Allah wills the Lancers die

It really makes you wonder

How long will be the endless fight

These stone age tribes will cling to

With first the Brits and now with us

With all the force we bring to

The fight when they begin to shout

And dance and scream and kill us

And blow up planes and cut off heads

Till such a rage will fill us

That one fine day the Lancers will

To horse and turn to flinders

The homes and shops and burn their towns

To never cooling cinders


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