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Community Organizer

President Obama is hurt by the stinging remarks made that claim he has never had a job beyond being a rabble rousing community organizer. The president claims a community organizer is necessary to foster diversity and fairness in society, and so is an honorable profession. In a far ranging conversation about the meaning of the words “community organizer”, Obama explains:



To me the words are simply this

A Marxist organizer

Is one who thinks it not amiss

To act like he’s the Kaiser

And do by fiat what one might

Think highly most imprudent

So aid we must a neighbor’s plight

And more if he’s a student

Rebelling ‘gainst a Kaiser say

Or ‘gainst a foul dictator

Abandon him? There is no way

That we’ll say see you later

And so “community” includes

The very earth we stand on

That’s why we say to all bad dudes

Abandon what you planned on

Do not annoy me lest I be

Inclined to use my forces

Surrender now and best I be

Inclined to hold my horses

As president I know my role

Is organizer chiefly

Despite the fact the latest poll

Says I’m here only briefly


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