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High Noon

Twenty-two prominent East European figures, including Poland’s Lech Walesa and The Czech Republic’s Vaclav Havel, wrote an open letter to President Obama, begging him not to forget them in the president’s lurch toward Russia. Will President Obama listen to this plea not to be forgotten, not to be cast aside by Obama in his missile defense and other deals with Putin? One has the feeling President Obama has no time for sentiment, no time for allies, no time for long standing friendships, if they stand in the way of his overarching design to remove the United States from a position of leadership to, in his words, just another country in a long list of countries. The plea not to be forsaken must have amused him.



Do not forsake me, oh my darling

She cried and sobbed please come back soon

But in DC with visage gnarling

Obama says it’s past high noon

We’ve got some fish to fry with others

The Russians and some others too

Now Puti-poot and I are brothers

And deals are made that don’t count you

The world has changed since last we saw you

Stand athwart the commie tide

And as the bear tried hard to paw you

You stood up for your country’s pride

But that was then and this is now, sis

Your days of freedom left are few

I’m sorry that I have to say this

I have to flush you down the loo