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This Land Is Mined Land

The United States government of Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have thrown the Israelis under the bus for daring to contemplate building housing in their own country. Barack and Hillary seem to feel the Israelis have no right to consider the land of Israel as belonging to the people living there, not when it serves the Obama purpose of sucking up to Arabs. The Israelis live in a political and military minefield and Obama seems intent on forcing them to walk over it.



This land is mined land

This land inured land

Not California

Or the New York island

But they’re our friend, so

Don’t let it end, so

Barack we beg you

Don’t let them die

They won’t go quiet

They will not buy it

That they must heed to

Your slightest whim

If Iran acts now

Here are the facts now

The mid-east blazes

And then grows dim