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Against The Law

France’s Constitutional Council, which ensures the constitutionality of French law, has ruled the carbon tax proposed by the Sarkozy government to combat the non-existent climate change is unconstitutional. Not that that will be the last word. The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels care nothing for French courts or French Constitutional Councils, and it is widely understood that Brussels will shortly rule the French Constitutional Council unconstitutional and restore the carbon tax, the better to punish French industry and French workers for the benefit of non-working foreigners. It is all part of the radical left global environmentalist movement that aims to destroy the west and its society in order to remove the current political leadership and replace it with themselves. And so far it’s working.  



The carbon tax against the law?

The law then must be changed

The object is to bleed them raw

So things must be arranged

So that the folks are bled to death

So that the earth may live

And taxing every exhaled breath

Is what they have to give

We greenies know what must be done

We know what’s good for all

We know that warmth comes from the sun

As Winter follows Fall

We know the warming scare’s a laugh

We smile at carbon tax

That’s how we write the epitaph

And then the Euro Pax